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Benefits for Individuals

  • Beneficial not only to domestic employment but also to employment overseas, since the acquired capability and skills are recognized all over the world
  • Increased capability to perform tasks by strengthening SW testing concepts & theories and applying it to business practices
  • Positive impact on salary increases by professionalism being recognized
  • Demonstration of skills in the global business field by acquiring the international qualification

Benefits for Businesses

  • Testing by a qualified workforce improves the quality of the products and therefore, ensures the competitiveness of the company
  • Product performance and business confidence can be ensured by reduced SW defects and failures
  • By using globally certified SW testing body of knowledge and communicating with universal terminology, a unified knowledge base system and high business efficiency will be achieved

Benefits for Country

  • Competitiveness of SW industry in the global market can be achieved by popularization of internationally accepted certifications
  • It could be a cornerstone of building a testing hub in Asia and also a driving force in building a valuable network of SW testing personnel and professionals