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KSTQB ISO 29119 Certified Tester (KSTQB ISO 29119)

KSTQB ISO 29119 Certified Tester (KSTQB ISO 29119)
Certification Name KSTQB ISO 29119 Certified Tester (KSTQB ISO 29119)
Certification Body Korean Software Testing Qualifications Board / http://www.kstqb.org
Languages Korean / English
Target Audiences
  • Anyone who needs awareness of the current state of industry practice in software testing, as defined by the ISO 29119 standards;
  • Test professionals in roles such as test managers, test leads, test analysts, test engineers and test consultants, especially those working in regulated areas, such as the safety-related, medical, financial, insurance and transportation sectors
  • N/A
  • ISTQB® CTF certification and over 2 years of experience in the related fields are recommended
Syllabus & Sample Exam  
Exam Details
  • Type: Written test – 40 MC* questions (* MC: Multiple Choice Questions)
  • 1 point per question
  • Duration: Korean 60 mins / English 75 mins (60 mins + extra 25% for non-native speakers)
  • Passing Criteria: 65% or more
₩143,000 (Include VAT)
Refund regulation:
Within the period of reception : 100% refund
Reception closing~The day before the examination : 50% refund
The day of the examination : No Refund
Student Discount
Exam Fee: 20% off the regular examination fees
Audience: All students enrolled in a college/university at the time of exam application period (※ Applicable only for full-time students)
How to apply: Upload a copy of certificate of enrollment issued within a week on the 1:1 Bulletin Board on STEN (www.sten.or.kr)
Re-certification Not necessary
General Information
With the publication of the five, new international (ISO/IEC/IEEE) standards, software testing has moved into a new era of professionalism. The certification scheme ensures test professionals have a broad knowledge of the essential scope, requirements and guidelines provided by these new testing standards, and understand how to use them on a real project.
Exam Types:
Public Exam: Korean/English 4 times per year 
Post-training Exam: For those who get trainings from KSTQB Accredited Training Providers (ATP)
Group Exam: Conducted by requests from companies/organizations (Available for a group of more than 20 participants)
Special Exam: Conducted by special requests
Understanding the concepts of ISO 29119 SW testing International Standards
Improved capability of testing activities complied with ISO 29119-2 standards, including Test plan and strategy, Document writing, test case design, test execution and report
Establishing a solid foundation for building test processes and methodologies complied with the International Standards
Accredited Training
Contacts info@kstqb.org
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